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Othello is the greatest general of his age. A fearsome warrior, loving husband and revered defender of Venice against its enemies. But he is also an outsider whose victories have created enemies of his own, men driven by prejudice and jealousy to destroy him. As they plot in the shadows, Othello realises too late that the greatest danger lies not in the hatred of others, but his own fragile and destructive pride. Iqbal Khan's ground-breaking production of Othello was the first RSC production to cast a black actor, Lucian Msamati, as Iago. RSC Associate Artist, Hugh Quarshie, returned to the Company to play the title role with Joanna Vanderham at Desdemona and Ayesha Dharker as Emilia.

January 26

2 PM & 7 PM


January 26 at 2 & 7


February 9

2 PM & 7 PM


February 9 at 2 & 7

''Something wicked this way comes…'' Returning home from battle, the victorious Macbeth meets three witches on the heath. Driven by their disturbing prophecies, he sets out on the path to murder. This contemporary production of Shakespeare's darkest psychological thriller marks both Christopher Eccleston's RSC debut and the return of Niamh Cusack to the Company. This recording was produced live from Stratford-Upon-Avon.

At the PC Center for the Arts


In the melting pot of Venice, trade is God. With its ships plying the globe, the city opens its arms to all as long as they come prepared to do business and there is profit to be made. When the gold is flowing, all is well but when a contract between Bassanio and Shylock is broken, simmering racial tensions boil over. A wronged father, and despised outsider, Shylock looks to exact the ultimate price for a deal sealed in blood.

February 2

2 PM & 7 PM

Merchant of Venice

February 2 at 2 & 7


Theres more than a hint of reality TV to this modern production of Shakespeares hilarious comedy of suburbia, wives and over-inflated egos directed by Fiona Laird. John Falstaff plans to hustle his way to a comfortable retirement by seducing the wives of two wealthy men. Unknown to him, its the women of Windsor who really pull the strings, orchestrating Falstaffs comeuppance amidst a theatrical smorgasbord of petty rivalries, jealousies and overinflated egos. For a fat Englishman, a Welshman and a Frenchman, the only way is Windsor. Fiona Lairds production introduces new elements that chime deliciously with the spirit of Shakespeares play risky, but it all pays off. 

Februrary 16

2 PM & 7 PM

Merry Wives of Windsor

February 16 at 2 & 7